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How to Create a Study Set

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2015 03:51PM CDT
Study sets in AccelaStudy are meaningful collections of vocabulary words.  You create a study set so you can focus on a particular set of words.  To create a study set, follow these steps:
1.  Start at the Main Menu.
2.  Tap on "My Study Sets" to see your existing study sets.  Initially, the message "You have not created any study sets" is shown.
3.  Tap on the plus icon on the top right corner.  This displays the "New Study Set" screen.
4.  Enter the name of your study set and tap the Save button.
5.  Your new study set is now showing on the "Edit Study Set" screen with the message "No words have been added to this study set".
6.  Tap the "+" icon on the lower left corner.  This shows the full vocabulary word list.
7.  Tapping on a word will set a checkmark for that word.  Tapping again will remove the checkmark.
8.  You may select as many words as you wish.  Tap the Save button to save the selected words to your study set.
9.  After tapping Save, you will see the list of words in your study set.
10.  Tap the back arrow on the "Edit Study Set" screen to navigate out to "My Study Sets".
11.  Once you have created a study set, tap on "My Focus" on the main menu.
12.  Tap on your new study set to tell AccelaStudy you want to study words from this study set.
13.  Tap the "Main Menu" button to choose a study mode such as "Study", "Flashcards", "Spaced Repetition", or "Quiz".
At this point, all AccelaStudy study modes will use the words in your study set.  There are only two limitations to this:
1.  Spaced Repetition mode only works with study sets which have more than 5 words.
2.  Quiz mode and Audio Quiz mode work only with study sets which have more words than the number of questions in the quiz (10, 20, 30).
In both cases, if the selected study set does not have enough words, AccelaStudy chooses words from the global vocabulary word list.

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